Transparency and Trust: Safety of your Data is our Top Priority
  • Multi-level Security Procedure
  • An Original Data Backups
  • Server Infrastructure is built into Data Privacy Policies
No Mix Match Doctor’s Software Data With Customer Data

Reachyourdoctor is an unbelievable online platform operated with stringent privacy policies to ensure data security of Healthcare Provider and Consumer data that separated recorded.

For Consumers

Reachyourdoctor standard data security strategy avoids risks and counterfeiting of data sharing. Safety is our inevitable consideration, making it easier to:

  • Complete data is safe and secure
  • No accessibility to Reachyourdoctor participant to the patient data
  • Very Authentic
  • Comply with privacy policy terms
  • No Data sharing with any third party for commercial benefits
  • We only notify for appointments
For Healthcare Providers
  • No authorization to access your practice data
  • We don’t send promotional messages to the patients for marketing
  • No Reachyourdoctor employee can access it
  • Data is never shared with any third party
  • Healthcare provider can determine the messages to be sent to their patients
We’re ISO 27001 certified

Reachyourdoctor is an ISO certified in Data security, privacy and confidentially of your information.

This has perceived global authorization in data security standards. It takes the safety of its client’s data stringently. Our administrative compliance with this internationally recognized standard to control or monitoring security management system at every level.

An Astounding Secure Platform for Healthcare Provider

Reachyourdoctor commits to data security here:

Data is under one hand only

You are one and only controller of your data. Neither Reachyourdoctor nor any third party is permitted to access your personal information.

We don’t send promotions to your walk-ins

Our exhaustive privacy policy denies sending any promotional messages or notification alerts to your walk-in patients. Our app is exclusively designed to receive any promotion from us by visiting our website only in case of giving us permission to contact them.

Multiple Data Backups

Encrypted backup is exactly important to keep a secure copy of your entire data. It enables the best protection to retrieve time to time data.

We don’t sell your data for any commercial benefits

We take care of your healthcare information and keep it secure by complying with our privacy policy. It is timely checked out at a comprehensive level.

Secure Destination for your Health Data

All the information collected that you have provided when visiting the site or submitted behalf of our requirements here nothing at all we disclose.

Your Data is your treasure only

Everything you share with Reachyourdoctor going to be protected with secure privacy methods. We control or monitoring the entire process if you remarkably know our privacy level.

Stringent protection with 256-bit-encryption

It is a fantastically standard way to protect submit data from unauthorized users. 256-bit encryption protects data at multi-levels.

2FA interrupt unauthorized access

An extra layer of security makes easier to multi-factor authentication to prevent suspicious or unauthorized access to your health data.

Notify For Suspicious Logins

When a new device is used to login into your account reach your doctor sends notification alerts for your security purpose. In case of suspicious login attempts or successfully log in, you can review activity to log out your account.

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