Importants days

Important Health Date Important Health Days Name
12-Jan National Youth Day
29-Jan UNICEF Day
30-Jan Anti Leprosy Day
04-Feb World Cancer Day
08-Feb International Women's Day
15-Feb International Childhood Cancer Day
28-Feb Rare Disease Day
10-Mar World Kidney Day
21-Mar World Down Syndrome Day
24-Mar World Tuberculosis Day
07-Apr World Health Day
11-Apr World Parkinson's Disease Day
11-Apr Safe Motherhood Day
17-Apr World Hemophilia Day
22-Apr World Habitat Day
25-Apr World Malaria Day
01-May World Labour Day
06-May World Asthma Day
08-May World Thalassemia Day
12-May International Nurses Day
19-May World Hepatitis Day
28-May International Women's Health Day
31-May World Anti-Tobacco Day
05-Jun World Environment Day
14-Jun World Blood Donor Day
26-Jun International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
01-Jul Doctors Day
11-Jul World Population Day
01-Aug World Breastfeeding Week
06-Aug Hiroshima (Nuclear Hazard) Day
04-Sep World Cerebral Palsy Day
08-Sep World Physiotherapy Day
08-Sep World Literacy Day
15-Sep World Lymphoma Awareness Day
15-Sep Occupational Health Day & World Peace Day
21-Sep World Alzheimer's Day
24-Sep World Heart day
26-Sep World Heart Day
28-Sep World Rabies Day
01-Oct International Day of Older Persons
02-Oct Anti Drug Addiction Day
10-Oct World Mental Health Day
16-Oct World Food Day
20-Oct World Osteoporosis Day
24-Oct World Polio Day
25-Oct Genetic blood Disorders Awareness Week
14-Nov Universal Children's Day & Diabetes Day
16-Nov World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day
20-Nov Universal Children's Day
01-Dec World Anti AIDS Day
03-Dec World Handicap Day
10-Dec Human Right Day
15-Dec World Energy Saving Day


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