Ads Publishing/Posting Process

Q1. To post an Ad, do I need to register with Reach Your Doctors?
A1. Yes, you have to register with creating a free account required to post edit or modify ads or classifieds on Reach Your Doctor. Using your account you can post or view, edit, remove and modify your ads anytime from anywhere and you can also read messages, customer’s queries and reply with same account.

Q2. How do I can post Ads on Reach Your Doctors?
A2. To post an ads on Reach Your Doctor, just login with your user account and go on ad posting page. Now, to post an ad choose the category and post all the details like Doctor or Hospitals name with complete descriptions including websites, address, contact numbers and other important information etc.

Q3. Can I upload Images and provide links of website, social media pages in my ads?
A3. Yes, you can upload images with your ad posting browsing through your computer available in JPG, PNG and GIF formats and you can also provide links of website and all popular social media pages. Please upload image with limited sizes and having good resolution for clear picture and maximum visibility.

Q4. Can I use URLs or HTML tags in my Ads?
A4. Yes, Reach Your Doctor allows user to post ads with URLs links and HTML tags, buy if your ad will contains only links, then it is not allowed. And you are also not allowed to link any other page of similar sites of classified portals with Reach Your Doctor’s internal pages.

Q5. How can I improve the chances to attract more visitors on my ads?
A5. To increase the chances of attracting more and more number of visitors you can follow few useful tips like adding tags or keywords in your ads which will help you to list your ads while search by the visitors. Also highlight and mention the key features and offer best rates to attract more visitors. Fill your ads with complete details and accurate contact numbers and other important information.

Q6. Can I post ads for multiple locations or cities?
A6. Yes, you can post your ads for multiple locations, though Reach Your Doctor has been designed for offering services in nearby locations or closest in the cities, but if you are providing your service at multiple location then, you can add in your ad post. But don’t use it for multiple services at different locations.

Problems in Ads and Classifieds Posting

Q7. After registration, why I have not received a confirmation email?
A7. After registering your account if you have not received a confirmation mail, then first of all check your “Junk” or “Bulk” folder of mail box to check the confirmation mail from “Reach Your Doctor” and if not found then please check the mail id you provided at the time of registration, it should be correct and valid.

Q8. Why my ad post has been removed from the website of Reach Your Doctor?
A8. The reasons behind removing the contents may include many, like spam or offensive contents, or against the prohibited policy of content. And it could be also removed if you have not posted necessary details about the product or services with proper descriptions and important contacts.

Q9. How to view, edit, repost and delete ads created under my user account?
A9. You can easily view your ads either directly from the category where you posted your ad or after login your user account, but for editing, modifying or removing the ads from the dashboard of site you need to login with your user account with valid password.

Q10. Why I am not able to upload images to my ads?
A10 May be your image may have prohibited contents or against the image & content policy of the Reach Your Doctor. Actually, there are few guidelines of uploading images on the website of Reach Your Doctor, it includes terms & conditions with prescribed formats and limited size. Image in the format of either jpeg, gif or png are only allowed to upload and in case of any problem contact to our support center.

Q11. What should I do if someone has cheated me with misleading information?
A11. If you have been cheated by someone by giving false or misleading information on the website of Reach Your Doctor, then immediately inform us about the same by using our contact us form. And if possible also take legal against actions him to avoid such incidence to be happen with others. Therefore, we advise to transect locally where you can meet him at your preferred safe location with your friends.

Q12. Does “Reach Your Doctor” is mediator between a “Buyer” and “Seller”?
A12. “Reach Your Doctor” is an online platform for local dealing and services between customers and service providers. All the deals and transactions done only between customers & service providers and “Reach Your Doctor” is not involved in any kind of deals or transactions. And our site also not provide any agent/mediator to encourage such deals/transitions between customers & service providers using our site.

User Registration and Use of Account

Q13. How to create an account on Reach Your Doctor’s website?
A13. To create a new account you need to sign up by filling form with details like Complete Name, valid Mail Id, Country & City Name, Phone Number and other important information. You can register under either of any these categories which include Doctor, Patient and Hospital/Clients/Blood Bank etc.

Q14. What are benefits of account registration?
A14. With the registered account you will have many benefits like free posting of ads anytime and from anywhere. Login with your account you can edit and manage your ads or account profile and you will also receive message, queries and response send directly by the potential customers.

Q15. How my account is safe from unauthorized use/accesses of my personal details from others?
A15. Registering and login with us is completely safe, as our system is safe and doesn’t allow any type of unauthorized use by any other unauthorized person except you. We also protects your personal details and ad post from any type of editing and modification from third parties without your authorization.

Q16. What should I do if I forget the password of my user account to login on Reach Your doctor?
A16. If you forgot your password, then you can generate new password by clicking the new password generation link given just below the user login account. You will get new password on your registered mail which you need to use at the time of login your account.

Q17. Can I change the email address of my user account?
A17. No, once you have registered with an email id, you cannot change or add other email ids into your existing account. Hence, you are advised to register only with a valid email id, but you can change your password or update personal details and other information with existing your user account.

Q18. Can I change my username?
A18. Hence, to create a user account you must have used an email id as a user name which you cannot change, however, you can create another user account by registering with another valid email id.

Q19. What I can do more using my user account?
A19. You can post multiple number of ad posts using your login account, and you can also add or mange jobs in the relevant sector for different types of profile. Your user account is the only way to update other details and more ads on the website of “Reach Your Doctor”

General – About Reach Your Doctor and Site Features

Q20. What is Reach Your Doctor and is it free?
A20. Reach your doctor is an online portal providing free searching of medical related services like Hospitals, Medical Stores, Clinics, Ambulance Service and Blood Banks. The site is also absolutely free for searching such service offerings offered at various locations in India. All the features on “Reach Your Doctor” are absolutely free without any charges or subscription fees.

Q21. What kind of services available at Reach Your Doctor?
A21. Reach your Doctor is only for medical related services on which various medical and health care service providers like Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Medical Stores, Chemist Shops, Blood Banks and Ambulance Service Providers can post classified ads freely. Doctors in any type of specialized medical treatment or surgeries can also register and upload all the information at the Reach Your Doctor.

Q22. What are the features and other facilities available with Reach Your Doctors?
A22. Reach Your Doctor provides you free registration with various other facilities for publishing different type medical service offerings at various locations. Service providers can update multiple phone numbers, mails, social sites links, website URL and complete address with location of your office of service branch. While searchers looking for such services can search using key names of service at particular location. And Reach Your Doctor also provides useful tips on Medical and Health related services freely.

Q23. What are the locations, Reach Your Doctor allows to post ads and service offerings?
A23. Reach Your Doctor allows to post service offering details for all major location, including all metropolitan cities, important towns and notable cities situated in India. The location searching also helps users to find the service easily in a particular location as per their needs and reachability.

Q24. How can I contact to Reach Your Doctor’s Site Administrators/Owners/Support Centers?
A24. If you have any questions regarding registration, account creation, ad posting or modifying the details while using Reach Your Doctors Website, then you can contact us by sending your queries using contact us form given on site. Or you can exclusively mail us on info@reachyourdoctors.com with complete description of your problems with your user name used at the time of account creation.

Q25. Is there any type of paid facilities or premium features available with Reach Your Doctor?
A25. No, not yet, all the features and facilities on Reach Your Doctor’s is absolutely free for all the users and you don’t need pay using any kind of services available at site of Reach Your Doctor. And in near future, if we will introduce any type of paid services, we definitely update the same on our website.

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